New brand for kayaking gear designed by us with our long time experiences. Typically, these are the products that we could not find anywhere else or existing versions did not suit for us what forced us to invent new products or customized versions.  Our designs are made by a professional company which is in the industry for many years and working for large multinational companies which ensures the highest quality.

Our first product WH - CARRY been developed for easy walking with any type of kayak on the back with focus on comfort, simplicity and light weight. The current version has been tested in many locations as Russia, Kazakhstan, India and Nepal while several sources have confirmed that this is a perfect system for carrying loaded kayak on the back even over long distances. When you belongs to the people who like kayaking expedition or those who like to walk with a kayak to unreached areas, this product is designed for you.


Weight : 950 g

Packed dimension: 20 cm  x 20 cm x 7 cm 

Price: 75 Euro + shipping

For ordering contact us on email : tomo.andrassy@gmail.com

Web: http://www.freac.sk/whitewaterhardware

Some pictures from action

We are still working on other gears, and if you like us stay tunned beacuse more product coming soon